We have litters and puppies available on a limited basis. If you are interested in one of our puppies please fill out the application. You will receive an automated message so that you know the application went through without a problem. We review applications when we have a litter coming up, when you are approved you will get an email to notify you. If the online form is not working for you, you can type the answers in an email or word document. Please copy the questions so that I know what you are answering.

Thank you for considering Showy Lady Cresteds!


Planned Breedings


CH Edelweiss I'll Take Manhatten "Zilla"

X Edelweiss Dancing Diva at Showy Lady - "LeeLoo"


Puppies Pedigree


Edelweiss We'll Always Have Paris "Ricky"

X Edelweiss I Ain't No Lady - "Lady"


Puppy Pedigree